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  1. Research

    Allergenic activity of Pseudoterranova decipiens (Nematoda: Anisakidae) in BALB/c mice

    Anisakis simplex is the only fishery-product associated parasite causing clinical allergic responses in humans so far. However, other anisakids, due to the presence of shared or own al...

    Alessandra Ludovisi, Gabriella Di Felice, Noelia Carballeda-Sangiao, Bianca Barletta, Cinzia Butteroni, Silvia Corinti, Gianluca Marucci, Miguel González-Muñoz, Edoardo Pozio and Maria Angeles Gómez-Morales

    Parasites & Vectors 2017 10:290

    Published on: 12 June 2017

  2. Research

    Gene silencing by RNA interference in Sarcoptes scabiei: a molecular tool to identify novel therapeutic targets

    Scabies is one of the most common and widespread parasitic skin infections globally, affecting a large range of mammals including humans, yet the molecular biology of Sarcoptes scabiei is astonishingly understudi...

    Deepani D. Fernando, Edward J. Marr, Martha Zakrzewski, Simone L. Reynolds, Stewart T. G. Burgess and Katja Fischer

    Parasites & Vectors 2017 10:289

    Published on: 10 June 2017

  3. Research

    Characterization of Schistosoma japonicum tetraspanning orphan receptor and its role in binding to complement C2 and immunoprotection against murine schistosomiasis

    Schistosomiasis remains an important global public health problem, as millions of people are at risk of acquiring infection. An ideal method for sustainable control of schistosomiasis would be to develop an ef...

    Shuai Ma, Jinli Zai, Yanhui Han, Yang Hong, Min Zhang, Xiaodan Cao, Qian Han, Ke Lu, Zhixin Zhao, Jiaojiao Lin and Zhiqiang Fu

    Parasites & Vectors 2017 10:288

    Published on: 9 June 2017

  4. Review

    The evolution of trypanosomatid taxonomy

    Trypanosomatids are protozoan parasites of the class Kinetoplastida predominately restricted to invertebrate hosts (i.e. possess a monoxenous life-cycle). However, several genera are pathogenic to humans, anim...

    Alexa Kaufer, John Ellis, Damien Stark and Joel Barratt

    Parasites & Vectors 2017 10:287

    Published on: 8 June 2017

  5. Research

    Assessment of dog owner adherence to veterinarians’ flea and tick prevention recommendations in the United States using a cross-sectional survey

    Adherence to a prescribed therapeutic regimen is a critical factor for achieving medication effectiveness and therefore treatment success. In the case of companion animal ectoparasite control, suboptimal owner...

    Robert P. Lavan, Kaan Tunceli, Dongmu Zhang, Dorothy Normile and Rob Armstrong

    Parasites & Vectors 2017 10:284

    Published on: 6 June 2017

  6. Short report

    Molecular signatures of neutrophil extracellular traps in human visceral leishmaniasis

    Infections with parasites of the Leishmania donovani complex result in clinical outcomes that range from asymptomatic infection to severe and fatal visceral leishmaniasis (VL). Neutrophils are major players of th...

    Luiz Gustavo Gardinassi, Thiago S. DeSouza-Vieira, Naila O. da Silva, Gustavo R. Garcia, Valéria M. Borges, Roseane N. S. Campos, Roque P. de Almeida, Isabel K. F. de Miranda Santos and Elvira M. Saraiva

    Parasites & Vectors 2017 10:285

    Published on: 6 June 2017

  7. Research

    Host specificity, molecular phylogeny and morphological differences of Phyllodistomum pseudofolium Nybelin, 1926 and Phyllodistomum angulatum Linstow, 1907 (Trematoda: Gorgoderidae) with notes on Eurasian ruffe as final host for Phyllodistomum spp.

    Host-specificity patterns are not well-defined for trematodes of the genus Phyllodistomum Braun, 1899. The Eurasian ruffe, Gymnocephalus cernuus L., has been recorded as a definitive host for Phyllodistomum foliu...

    Virmantas Stunžėnas, Romualda Petkevičiūtė, Larisa G. Poddubnaya, Gražina Stanevičiūtė and Alexander E. Zhokhov

    Parasites & Vectors 2017 10:286

    Published on: 6 June 2017

  8. Research

    Identification and validation of a Schistosoma japonicum U6 promoter

    RNA polymerase III promoters have been widely used to express short hairpin-RNA (shRNA), microRNA (miRNA), and small guide RNA (sgRNA) in gene functional analysis in a variety of organisms including Schistosoma m...

    Qing Li, Wan Wang, Nan Zhao, Pengcheng Li, Yue Xin and Wei Hu

    Parasites & Vectors 2017 10:281

    Published on: 5 June 2017

  9. Short report

    No evidence of Borrelia mayonii in an endemic area for Lyme borreliosis in France

    Borrelia mayonii is currently the latest species belonging to the Borrelia burgdorferi (sensu lato) complex to be discovered. Interestingly it is involved in human pathology causing a ...

    Pierre H. Boyer, Sylvie J. De Martino, Yves Hansmann, Laurence Zilliox, Nathalie Boulanger and Benoît Jaulhac

    Parasites & Vectors 2017 10:282

    Published on: 5 June 2017

  10. Research

    Gastrointestinal parasites of canids, a latent risk to human health in Tunisia

    Although data on the parasite environmental contamination are crucial to implement strategies for control and treatment, information about zoonotic helminths is very limited in Tunisia. Contamination of areas ...

    Myriam Oudni-M’rad, Raja Chaâbane-Banaoues, Selim M’rad, Fatma Trifa, Habib Mezhoud and Hamouda Babba

    Parasites & Vectors 2017 10:280

    Published on: 5 June 2017

  11. Research

    Ancylostoma ailuropodae n. sp. (Nematoda: Ancylostomatidae), a new hookworm parasite isolated from wild giant pandas in Southwest China

    Hookworms belonging to the genus Ancylostoma (Dubini, 1843) cause ancylostomiasis, a disease of considerable concern in humans and domestic and wild animals. Molecular and epidemiological data support evidence fo...

    Yue Xie, Eric P. Hoberg, Zijiang Yang, Joseph F. Urban and Guangyou Yang

    Parasites & Vectors 2017 10:277

    Published on: 2 June 2017

  12. Research

    Identification of sympatric cryptic species of Aedes albopictus subgroup in Vietnam: new perspectives in phylosymbiosis of insect vector

    The Aedes (Stegomyia) albopictus subgroup includes 11 cryptic species of which Ae. albopictus is the most widely distributed. Its global expansion associated with a documented vector competence for several emergi...

    Guillaume Minard, Van Tran Van, Florence Hélène Tran, Christian Melaun, Sven Klimpel, Lisa Katharina Koch, Khanh Ly Huynh Kim, Trang Huynh Thi Thuy, Huu Tran Ngoc, Patrick Potier, Patrick Mavingui and Claire Valiente Moro

    Parasites & Vectors 2017 10:276

    Published on: 2 June 2017

  13. Meeting report

    International workshop on insecticide resistance in vectors of arboviruses, December 2016, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Vector-borne diseases transmitted by insect vectors such as mosquitoes occur in over 100 countries and affect almost half of the world’s population. Dengue is currently the most prevalent arboviral disease but...

    Vincent Corbel, Dina M. Fonseca, David Weetman, João Pinto, Nicole L. Achee, Fabrice Chandre, Mamadou B. Coulibaly, Isabelle Dusfour, John Grieco, Waraporn Juntarajumnong, Audrey Lenhart, Ademir J. Martins, Catherine Moyes, Lee Ching Ng, Kamaraju Raghavendra, Hassan Vatandoost…

    Parasites & Vectors 2017 10:278

    Published on: 2 June 2017

  14. Research

    Environmental temperature variation influences fitness trade-offs and tolerance in a fish-tapeworm association

    Increasing temperatures are predicted to strongly impact host-parasite interactions, but empirical tests are rare. Host species that are naturally exposed to a broad temperature spectrum offer the possibility ...

    Frederik Franke, Sophie A. O. Armitage, Megan A. M. Kutzer, Joachim Kurtz and Jörn P. Scharsack

    Parasites & Vectors 2017 10:252

    Published on: 2 June 2017

  15. Research

    Description of Culicoides (Culicoides) bysta n. sp., a new member of the Pulicaris group (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) from Slovakia

    Species of the genus Culicoides Latreille, 1809 (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) are mainly known as vectors of arboviruses such as bluetongue (BTV) and Schmallenberg (SBV). Among the known vectors, few species within ...

    Adela Sarvašová, Alica Kočišová, Ermanno Candolfi and Bruno Mathieu

    Parasites & Vectors 2017 10:279

    Published on: 2 June 2017

  16. Research

    Changes in the neuropeptide content of Biomphalaria ganglia nervous system following Schistosoma infection

    Molluscs, including snails, are prone to parasite infection, which can lead to massive physiological and behavioural changes, yet many of the molecular components involved remain unresolved. Central to this po...

    Tianfang Wang, Min Zhao, Di Liang, Utpal Bose, Satwant Kaur, Donald P. McManus and Scott F. Cummins

    Parasites & Vectors 2017 10:275

    Published on: 2 June 2017

  17. Short report

    Serological and molecular detection of spotted fever group Rickettsia in a group of pet dogs from Luanda, Angola

    Infections with tick-borne rickettsiae can cause diseases well known in humans but still not so well characterized in dogs. Susceptibility to infection depends on the virulence of Rickettsia spp. and only a few o...

    Patrícia F. Barradas, Hugo Vilhena, Ana Cristina Oliveira, Sara Granada, Irina Amorim, Paula Ferreira, Luís Cardoso, Fátima Gärtner and Rita de Sousa

    Parasites & Vectors 2017 10:271

    Published on: 31 May 2017

  18. Research

    Assessing the anthelmintic activity of pyrazole-5-carboxamide derivatives against Haemonchus contortus

    In this study, we tested five series of pyrazole-5-carboxamide compounds (n = 55) for activity against parasitic stages of the nematode Haemonchus contortus (barber’s pole worm), one of the most pathogenic parasi...

    Yaqing Jiao, Sarah Preston, Hongjian Song, Abdul Jabbar, Yuxiu Liu, Jonathan Baell, Andreas Hofmann, Dana Hutchinson, Tao Wang, Anson V. Koehler, Gillian M. Fisher, Katherine T. Andrews, Benoît Laleu, Michael J. Palmer, Jeremy N. Burrows, Timothy N. C. Wells…

    Parasites & Vectors 2017 10:272

    Published on: 31 May 2017

  19. Research

    Immunolocation and enzyme activity analysis of Cryptosporidium parvum enolase

    Enolase is an essential multifunctional glycolytic enzyme that is involved in many biological processes of apicomplexan protozoa, such as adhesion and invasion. However, the characteristics of enolase in Cryptosp...

    Rongsheng Mi, Xiaojiao Yang, Yan Huang, Long Cheng, Ke Lu, Xiangan Han and Zhaoguo Chen

    Parasites & Vectors 2017 10:273

    Published on: 31 May 2017

  20. Research

    A novel zoonotic Anaplasma species is prevalent in small ruminants: potential public health implications

    Tick-borne diseases currently represent an important issue for global health. A number of emerging tick-transmitted microbes continue to be discovered, and some of these are already identified as the cause of ...

    Jifei Yang, Zhijie Liu, Qingli Niu, Junlong Liu, Rong Han, Guiquan Guan, Muhammad Adeel Hassan, Guangyuan Liu, Jianxun Luo and Hong Yin

    Parasites & Vectors 2017 10:264

    Published on: 30 May 2017

  21. Short report

    Genetic diversity of Glossina fuscipes fuscipes along the shores of Lake Victoria in Tanzania and Kenya: implications for management

    Tsetse flies (Diptera: Glossinidae) are sole vectors for trypanosomiasis, which affect human health and livestock productivity in Africa. Little is known about the genetic diversity of Glossina fuscipes fuscipes,...

    Oliver Manangwa, Gamba Nkwengulila, Johnson O. Ouma, Furaha Mramba, Imna Malele, Kirsten Dion, Mark Sistrom, Farrah Khan, Serap Aksoy and Adalgisa Caccone

    Parasites & Vectors 2017 10:268

    Published on: 30 May 2017

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