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As a result of the significant disruption that is being caused by the COVID-19 pandemic we are very aware that many researchers will have difficulty in meeting the timelines associated with our peer review process during normal times. Please do let us know if you need additional time. Our systems will continue to remind you of the original timelines but we intend to be highly flexible at this time.

New Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Filipe Dantas-Torres

New Content ItemWe are excited to welcome the new Editor-in-Chief for Parasites & Vectors: Dr. Filipe Dantas-Torres.

Dr. Dantas-Torres is a researcher at the Aggeu Magalhães Institute and the chair of the Tropical Council for Companion Animal Parasites. He is a veterinarian with a MSc and a DSc in public health and a PhD in animal health and zoonosis. He is an EBVS® European Veterinary Specialist in Parasitology. Dr. Dantas-Torres is an international leader in the field of parasitology, with a focus on vector-borne diseases. His work has been recognized internationally through numerous scientific publications and invited book chapters. In 2010, Dr. Dantas-Torres was elected Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society in recognition of his expertise in the field of medical and veterinary entomology. He has received numerous awards, such as the 2013 Peter Nansen Young Scientist Award and the 2016 Odile Bain Memorial Prize. He is a former Editor-in-Chief of Medical and Veterinary Entomology and has served as a reviewer, associate editor and subject editor of Parasites & Vectors for several years.

New articles released in the LCNTDR Collection

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The LCNTDR Collection - Advances in scientific research for NTD control 

Identification keys to the Anopheles mosquitoes of South America

This new 4-part collection investigates the identification keys to the Anopheles mosquitoes of South America (Diptera: Culicidae) and explores the challenges encountered by the research aimed at mosquito identification, malaria control and elimination. 


Collections open to submissions

Simparica Trio

The LCNTDR Collection: Advances in scientific research for NTD control

Annual Symposium on Canine Vector-Borne Diseases (CVBD)
[CVBD5] [CVBD6] [CVBD7] [CVBD8] [CVBD9] [CVBD10] [CVBD11] [CVBD12] [CVBD13] [CVBD14] [CVBD15]

Global distribution of Taenia saginata

European helminth infection risks and reported deworming frequencies for dogs and cats

Primers in parasites and vectors

Mathematical models for parasites and vectors

Elimination of parasitic infections

Historical aspects of parasitology

Spatial inequality, infectious diseases and disease control

Contribution of climate change to the spread of infectious diseases

Human migration, conflict and infectious diseases

Published collections



Credelio for cats


SimparicaTM: Comparative Efficacy of sarolaner, a novel oral ectoparasiticide for dogs

Immunity against Leishmaniasis: host defences, immunotherapy and vaccines

Evaluation of Vector Control against West Nile Fever in Europe

Quantitative analysis of strategies to achieve the 2020 goals for neglected tropical diseases: where are we now?

A new combination of fipronil and permethrin for the control of ectoparasites of dogs

Vector-borne Diseases and Global Health

Surveillance of mosquito vectors in Europe

Planarians to Parasitism: Evolution, Development and Stem Cells in Flatworms

From Control to elimination: transmission threshold of schistosomiasis

Protozoan parasites and cell death

Aspects of parasitology in the People's Republic of China: surveillance, diagnosis, infection and immunity

Collections published in collaboration with other journals

Every day is Malaria Day

From farm to plate - make food safe

The gut-brain axis: Emerging evidence in health and disease

Co-infection and Syndemics

Rare Diseases Day 2013

Open Access Africa: Showcasing African research

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Odile Bain Memorial Prize 2020: Winners

We are pleased to announce that the Odile Bain Memorial Prize 2020 has been awarded to Dr. Adnan HodžićDr. Angela M. Ionică, and Dr. Alicia Rojas, for their outstanding research contributions to the field. Alicia and Angela equally shared the 2020 Prize. 

Learn more about the winners in this blog post.


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Kinetoplastid Biology & Disease and Filaria Journal

Parasites & Vectors expands upon the scope of two former BioMed Central publications, Kinetoplastid Biology and Disease and Filaria Journal, both of which ceased publication in December 2007. The full archives of these two journals remain available from the Kinetoplastid Biology and Disease and Filaria Journal websites and PubMed Central.

Journal sections and Editors

Dipteran vectors and associated diseases

Fredros Okumu, Ifakara Health Institute, Tanzania

Marco Pombi, La Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
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Helminths and helminthic diseases

Martin Walker, Royal Veterinary College and Imperial College London, UK

New Content Item

Parasite genetics, genomics and proteomics

Xing-Quan Zhu, Shanxi Agricultural University, China

New Content Item

Parasites of veterinary importance

Adnan Hodžić, University of Veterinary Medicine, Austria
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Protozoa and associated diseases

Anna Bajer, University of Warsaw, Poland
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Ticks and tick-borne diseases

Martin Pfeffer, University of Leipzig, Germany

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15th Symposium on Companion Vector-Borne Diseases (CVBD)

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This thematic series comprises papers submitted in relation to the 15th Symposium of the CVBD® World Forum, Cologne, Germany. You can find all the new papers in the collection here.

Primers on parasites and vectors

Submit a Primer article to 'Primers on Parasites and Vectors'. This article collection provides short, authoritative and accessible accounts that explore the basic and applied biology of selected parasites, intermediate hosts, vectors and vector-borne pathogens. Find out more here.


Filipe Dantas-Torres, Aggeu Magalhães Institute, Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz), Brazil

Aims and scope

Parasites & Vectors publishes articles on the biology of parasites, parasitic diseases, intermediate hosts, vectors and vector-borne pathogens. Manuscripts published in this journal will be available to all worldwide, with no barriers to access, immediately following acceptance.

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Contacting Parasites & Vectors

All enquiries relating to the suitability of new submissions should be addressed to the Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Filipe Dantas-Torres, at For general enquiries, please access here and click 'Contact Us'. Further information on journal sections and contacting Subject Editors may be found here.