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Table 2 Knowledge on the clinical manifestations of lymphatic filariasis of the sampled population, Agusan del Sur, Philippines, 2005

From: Factors associated with the acceptance of mass drug administration for the elimination of lymphatic filariasis in Agusan del Sur, Philippines

Clinical manifestations of lymphatic filariasis* Percent
Enlarged scrotum/vulva 58.7
Elephantiasis/enlarged legs and feet 54.1
Enlarged breast 52.9
Enlarged arms and hands 28.8
Fever 11.5
Weakness 8.2
Headache 4.8
Abdominal pain 3.2
Enlarged part where mosquito bit 2.8
Chills 2.6
Dizziness/vertigo 0.8
Reduced appetite 0.5
Nausea/vomiting 0.3
Enlarged lymphnodes 0.2
Can be asymptomatic 0.2
Others 7.6
Don't know 19.5
  1. *with multiple responses