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Figure 5

From: Developing novel anthelmintics from plant cysteine proteinases

Figure 5

Scanning electron microscopy of the surface of Rodentolepis microstoma incubated with crude papaya latex (CPL) in vitro. The micrographs were taken at equivalent points along the worm surface, near the mid-point. The digestion of the tegumental surface was evident by 30 mins when the worms were incubated with 25 μM papaya latex. Lesions attributable to the activity of the CPs in papaya latex are highlighted by the arrows and the damage increased substantially between 30 and 60 mins after exposure. The tegument remained intact, with no visible damage, even after 2 hours, on incubation with Hanks' saline + 16 mM cysteine (not shown). Scale bar = 100 μm. (see reference [60]). Reprinted with permission.

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