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Table 2 Genotypes and phenotypes of hybrid clones and parents

From: The use of yellow fluorescent hybrids to indicate mating in Trypanosoma brucei

Genotype (no. of clones) Fluorescence Microsatellite alleles Maxicircle type (no. of clones) DNA content
   II-PLC XI-53 III-2   
J10 mRFP Red ab aa ab J10 2N
1738 GFP Green cd bc cd 1738 2N
I (3) Green bd ac ac J10 2N
II (1) Green bd ac bc 1738 2N
III (1) Green bc ac bc 1738 2N
IV (5) None bd ac ac 1738 2N
V (1) None bd ac ac mix 2N
VI (1) None bd ab ac 1738 2N
VII (1) None bd ac ad 1738 4N + 2N
VIII (1) None ac ab ad J10 2N
IX (3) None bd ac ac 1738 2N
X (2) None bd ab bc 1738 2N
XI (1) Red bc ac ac 1738 2N
XII (1) Red ad ac bd 1738 3N
XIII (3) Red ad ac bc 1738 4N + 2N
XIV (1) Yellow bd ab ad J10 4N + 2N
XV (8) Yellow ad ac bd 1738 4N + 2N
XVI (4) None bc ac ac 1738 (3), mix (1) 2N
XVII (1) None ad ab bc 1738 4N + 2N
XVIII (1) Red bc ab bc J10 2N
XIX (1) Red ab aa ad 1738 2N
XX (1) Yellow bc ab bd mix 2N
XXI (3) None bc ab bc J10 (2), 1738 (1) 2N
XXII (1) None ac ab bd 1738 4N
XXIII (1) None bc ab ac J10 2N
XXIV (1) Red ac ac bc 1738 4N
XXV (9) Green bc ac ad J10 (6), mix (3) 2N
XXVI (2) None ac ab ad J10 2N
XXVII (2) Red bd ac bd J10 4N + 2N
XXVIII (1) Red ac ab bc J10 4N + 2N
XXIX (2) Red bc ac bc mix 2N