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Figure 1

From: Interaction of hookworm 14-3-3 with the forkhead transcription factor DAF-16 requires intact Akt phosphorylation sites

Figure 1

The phylogenetic relationship between Ac -FTT-2 and selected 14-3-3 protein family members. A. Alignment of Ac-FTT-2 with C. elegans 14-3-3 proteins. Shading indicates residues that are identical (black) or similar (gray) to Ac-FTT-2. Amino acid residues that directly contact phosphate groups of targets are marked with an arrow. Protein sequences were aligned using CLUSTAL W software and displayed using BOXSHADE software located on the Swiss EMBnet server [74]. B. Neighbor joining tree of representative 14-3-3 proteins. Proteins were aligned using CLUSTAL W software on the Swiss EMBnet server [74]. Amino acid distances were calculated using the Poisson correction model in the MEGA program version 3.1 [75]. Major bootstrap values (1000 replications) are shown at each node. Ac, A. caninum; Bm. Brugia malayi; Ce, Caenorhabditis elegans; Dm, Drosophila melanogaster; Eg, Echinococcus granulosus; Em, Echinococcus multilocularis; Hs, Homo sapiens; Mi, Meloidogyne incognita; Sb, Schistosoma bovis; Sj, Schistosoma japonicum, Xl, Xenopus laevis. Accession numbers: Ce-FTT-1, [Genbank:CAA98138]; Ce-FTT-2, [Genbank:CAA91474]; Bm-FTT-2, [Genbank:XP_001895095]; Dm-FTT-ε, [Genbank:P92177]; Dm-FTT-ζ, [Genbank:P29310]; Eg-FTT-ε, [Genbank:AAX73175]; Em-FTT-ζ1, [Genbank:AAC48315]; Em-FTT-ζ2, [Genbank:AAM94864]; Hs-FTT-γ, [Genbank:P61981]; Hs-FTT-ε, [Genbank:P62258];Hs-FTT-ζ, [Genbank:P63104];Hs-FTT-η, [Genbank:Q04917];Hs-FTT-σ, [Genbank:P31947];Hs-FTT-τ, [Genbank:P27348]; Mi-FTT-a, [Genbank:AAL40719]; Mi-FTT-b, [Genbank:AAR85527]; Mm-FTT-β, [Genbank:Q9CQV8]; Sb-FTT-ε2, [Genbank:AAT39381]; Sj-FTT-ζ, [Genbank:AAD56715]; Sj-FTT-ε, [Genbank:AAC62003]; Xl-FTT-β, [Genbank:Q5XGC8].

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