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Figure 4

From: Distribution of Brugia malayi larvae and DNA in vector and non-vector mosquitoes: implications for molecular diagnostics

Figure 4

Immunohistological detection of B. malayi larvae in Ae. aegypti -LVP using polyclonal antibody to recombinant antigen Bm14. A Non-stained mf (arrow) in the midgut at 1 DPI: B Longitudinal section of a stained L1 in the thorax muscles at 1 DPI: C Cross-section of a stained larva at 3 DPI: D Multiple cross-sections of strongly labeled L2s (arrow) at 7 DPI in the thorax. E Cross-sections of two strongly labeled L2s with body cavity and developing intestine at 7 DPI: F Overview of the head with 4 cross-sections of strongly labeled L3s (arrow) at 14 DPI: G Cross-section of 2 well stained larvae close to the mosquito eye. H Labeled L3 at 14 DPI in the mosquito mouthparts. I Multiple strongly labeled L3s (arrows) in the thorax. J Strongly labeled L3 in the abdomen. (bm, blood meal; ce, compound eye; de, developing egg; tm, thorax muscles; mg, midgut; um, uterus membrane). Scale bars: A-C, E 25 μm; D, F-J 50 μm.

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