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Figure 5

From: Determination of genomic DNA sequences for beta-tubulin isotype 1 from multiple species of cyathostomin and detection of resistance alleles in third-stage larvae from horses with naturally acquired infections

Figure 5

Genotypes at F167Y for cyathostomin L3s from two locations pre- and post-benzimidazole treatment. Genotypes were calculated as a % of the total number of parasites for which genotypes were determined at each location. Pre- and post-treatment data is shown for the two locations; location 1,"pre-treatment 1" n = 71,"post-treatment 1" n = 54, location 2,"pre-treatment 2" n = 72,"post-treatment 2" n = 44. Genotypes are represented as follows: TTC/TTC homozygous 'susceptible' encoding an F (phenylalanine) amino acid (aa); TTC/TAC heterozygous and TAC/TAC homozygous 'resistant' encoding a Y (tyrosine) aa.

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