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Figure 3

From: First detection of African Swine Fever Virus in Ornithodoros porcinus in Madagascar and new insights into tick distribution and taxonomy

Figure 3

Phylogeny of Malagasy O. porcinus spp. ticks. This represents a rooted consensus phylogenetic tree of 16 S rDNA sequences from Malagasy O. porcinus spp. ticks collected in pig pens in 2000 and 2006-2008 (underlined names), as well as O. moubata sensu stricto, O. p. porcinus and O. p. domesticus reference sequences (bold names) and some other sequences available in GenBank for the O. moubata complex of species, using the Maximum Likelihood (ML) method, with 1000 bootstraps and random sequence addition. Only bootstraps up to 50% have been indicated and identical sequences have been removed for simplification. Incorrect names given to specimens during field collection are indicated in quotes.

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