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Table 3 Comparison of mean wingsize (Measurements in micrometers) for each anopheline species collected by the four sampling methods used in the preliminary investigations at Lwanda Nyamasari village.

From: Trapping mosquitoes using milk products as odour baits in western Kenya

  Anopheles arabiensis Anopheles funestus Anopheles gambiae.
Trap Mean Wingsize/trap ± SD Mean Wingsize/trap ± SD Mean Wingsize/trap ± SD
CDC 2.0(59)b 0.34 2.1(89)a 0.28 2.0(40)a 0.26
CFG 2.0(10)b 0.23 2.1(44)a 0.51 2.4(16)b 0.46
ENTRY 2.3(3)ab 0.46 0 0 2.1(2)ab 0.85
MLC 2.4(43)a 0.36 2.0(57)a 0.35 2.3(52)b 0.36
  1. Sum of mosquitoes is in parenthesis.
  2. CDC, standard centers for disease control light trap; CFG, counterflow geometry trap baited with Limburger cheese; ET, entry trap; MLC, man landing catches.
  3. Values following each other in the same column with different letter superscripts are significantly different at (P = 0.05).