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Figure 3

From: Lipoprotein biosynthesis as a target for anti-Wolbachia treatment of filarial nematodes

Figure 3

Expression of recombinant LspA proteins in T7 express E. coli with and without IPTG induction. w BmLspA and EcLspA transformed E. coli cell lysates (~ 200 μg total protein/well) were loaded. The expressed recombinant LspA proteins were detected with Mouse anti-His monoclonal antibody (details in methods and materials). For each construct of samples without (w/o) and with (w/) IPTG induction are shown, Lane 1 & 2: E. coli cell/pET21a (NC1), Lane 3 & 4: E. coli cell/pET21a-Ec LspA.His (PC), Lane 5 & 6: E. coli cell/pET21a-w BmLspA.His (T1), Lane 7 & 8: E. coli cell/pGEX5.1 (NC2), Lane 9 & 10: E. coli cell/pGEX5.1-GST.w BmLspA.His (T2). The predicted molecular weights of recombinant w BmLspA.His, Ec LspA.His and GST.w BmLspA.His proteins are 19, 20 and 44 kDa, respectively.

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