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Table 1 Complementation assays in E. coli ts LspA mutant Y815

From: Lipoprotein biosynthesis as a target for anti-Wolbachia treatment of filarial nematodes

E. coli Y815 LspA ts transformants 30°C 42°C
w/pET21a only (NC1) + -
w/pET21a-EcLspA.His (PC) + +
w/pET21a-wBmLspA.His (T1) + +
w/pGEX5.1 only (NC2) + -
w/pGEX5.1-GST.wBmLspA.His (T2) + -
  1. Actively growing transformants were plated onto LB agar (100 μg/ml ampicillin, 10 μg/ml tetracycline and 0.6 mM IPTG) and incubated at both the permissive (30°C) and the nonpermissive (42°C) temperature for 3 days for colony formation as described [21]. '+' means growth, '-' means no growth