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Table 1 Human fascioliasis reports in Argentina, arranged chronologically, including details on infection according to number of cases, gender, province, diagnostic method, treatment, and clinical data.

From: Human fascioliasis in Argentina: retrospective overview, critical analysis and baseline for future research

1924 Greenway [32] 1 NS(1) NS(1) Ec(1) NS(1) NS(1)
1927 Bengolea et al. [33] 1 F(1) SL(1) Ec(1) Es(1) NS(1) AP(1)
1928 Del Valle & Donovan [34] 1 F(1) NS(1) Surg(1) NS(1) AP(1) Nau(1) Ic(1) HA(1)
1930 Bacigalupo et al. [35] 1 F(1) SL(1) Ec(1) Es(1) NS(1) NS(1)
1933 Mascheroni [108] 1 F(1) BA(1) Ec(1) Es(1) NS(1) NS(1)
1933 Scrimaglio (In Bacigalupo et al. 1943) [93] 1 M(1) SFe(1) Ec(1) Es(1) NS(1) NS(1)
1937 Castex & Greenway [91] 1 M(1) Cba(1) Ec(1) Ect(1) NS(1) AP(1) Lks(1)
1939 Boto [69] 1 F(1) Tuc(1) Es(1) Em(1) Eo(1) AP(1) Fev(1) Lks(1) Urt(1)
1939 Paladino & Galarce [92] 1 F(1) BAcity(1) Surg(1) Ect(1) NS(1) AP(1)
1940 Cames [76] 2 M(2) Cba(1) SFe(1) Es(1) Surg(1) Em(2) MFE(1) Eo(1) AP(1) Fev(2) WL(1) Ic(1)
1942 Bacigalupo [52] 5(fo1) F(2) M(3) Cba(4) BA(1) Ec(2) Es(1) CE(2) Em(4) NS(1) Eo(4) AP(4) Fev(3) WL(1)
1943 Solari & Canepa [77] 1 F(1) Cba(1) Es(1) Em(1) AP(1)
1943 Bacigalupo et al. [93] 1 M(1) Cba(1) Ect(1) Em(1) Eo(1) AP(1)
1944 Cuenya [109] 3 F(1) M(2) Tuc(1) Ju(1) Sal(1) Ec(3) Es(1) NS(3) AP(1)
1947 Cid
Cames et al.
1 F(1) Tuc(1) Surg(1) Ect(1) Em(1) AP(1) WL(1) Lith(1) Ic(1) HA(1)
1952 Rodríguez [38] 16 F(3) M(1) NS(12) Cbsa(15) Cat(1) Ec(16) NS(16) Eo(5) Ap(1) Lks(4) Ic(1)
1953 Longo & Daraio [89] 1 F(1) Sal(1) Surg(1) NI(1) Em(1) AP(1) Urt(1) Nau(1) Lith(1) Vo(1)
1954 Petraglia [98] 1 M(1) Cha(1) Ec(1) Em(1) AP(1) Eo(1) Fev(1)
1954 Rodríguez [39] 10 F(1) M(2) NS(7) Cba(9) Cat(1) Ec(10) NS(10) Eo(4) Lks(1)
1955 Cáceres [55] 1 F(1) BAcity(1) Surg(1) Em(1) AP(1) Fev(1) Ic(1) Lith(1) Vo(1)
1955 Logaldo [101] 1 F(1) Mza(1) Surg(1) Em(1) Ap(1) Nau(1) Lith(1)
1961 Ahualli & Arias [110] 1 F(1) Tuc(1) Es(1) Em(1) AP(1) WL(1) Nau(1) Vo(1) HA(1) Dia(1)
1961 Rodriguez [40] 23 NS(23) Cba(22) Cat(1) Ec(23) NS(23) NS(23)
1961 "Other colleagues" cited in Rodriguez 1961 [40] 150 NS(150) Cba(150) NS(150) NS(150) NS(150)
1961 Strada [72] 19 F(1) M(1) NS(17) Cba(19) Ec(1) Es(2) Surg(1) NS(15) Em(2) NS(17) Eo(2) AP(3) Fev(3) Lks(1) WL(1) Vo(1) HA(1)
1962 Urrutia & Ferraris [111] 1 NS(1) NS(1) Surg(1) NS(1) NS(1)
1964 Cornejo & Castillo [112] 1 M(1) Sal(1) Ec(1) Es(1) Em(1) Eo(1) Lks(1)
1964 Simon et al [86] 1 M(1) Mza(1) Es(1) ID(1) Em(1) Eo(1) AP(1) Fev(1) Lks(1) WL(1) Vo(1)
1964 Cañas et al [113] 1 M(1) Ju (1) Es(1) Em(1) AP(1) Asth(1) Nau(1) Dia(1) Cst(1)
1965 Niño [107] 4 NS(4) BAcity(2) NS(2) Ec(2) Es(2) NS(4) NS(4)
1967 Sosa & Romero [114] 2 F(1) M(1) Cba(2) Es(2) Em(2) Eo(2) AP(1) Fev(2) WL(1) Nau(1) Vo(1) Dia(1)
Ruggieri et al.
Correa et al.
1 F(1) Cba(1) Surg(1) Ect(1) NS(1) AP(1) Fev(1) Urt(1) Nau(1) Ic(1) Vo(1) HA(1)
1969 Peiretti et al. [87] 17 NS(17) Mza(15) SL(2) Es(5) ID(17) NS(17) NS(17)
1969 Trossero & Nocetti [103] 1 F(1) SFe(1) Surg(1) Em(1) AP(1) Fev(1) Ic(1) Vo(1)
1970 Padilla Antoni et al. [99] 1 NS(1) Tuc(1) Surg(1) NS(1) Eo(1) AP(1) Vo(1) HA(1)
1972 Carena et al. [36] 13 F(4) M(9) Cba(11) Cat(1) Tuc(1) Es(13) Em(13) Eo(13) AP(8) Fev(1) Asth(3) Urt(2) HA(2) Cst(1) Dia(1)
1972 Ossola et al. [49] 12(fo3) F(7) M(5) Cba(12) Ec(2) Es(2) ID(12) NS(12) Eo(11) AP(12) Fev(9) WL(8) Asth(10) Urt(4) Ic(3) Cst(3) Dia(2)
1973 Sonzini Astudillo et al. [104] 5 F(4) M(1) NS(5) Es(1) Surg(4) Em(1) NS(4) Eo(1) AP(4) Asth(1) Lith(3) Ic(4) HA(1)
1973 Peiretti & Morales [50] 4(fo1) F(1) M(3) SL(4) ID(4) Em(4) Eo(4) AP(4) Fev(2) Lks(2) WL(1) Ic(1) Cst(1) Vo(1)
1981 Majul et al. [102] 6 NS(6) NS (6) Es(2) Surg(6) Em(6) Eo(2) AP(6) Lith(6)
1981 Alaggia (in Andrada et al., 1983 [90]) [100] 16 NS(16) NS(16) Surg(16) NS(16) NS(16)
1982 Pizzi et al. [106] 54 NS(54) Cba(54) Ec(54) NS(54) NS(54)
1982 Siciliano [41] 101 F(50) M(51) Cba(101) Ec (61) Es(16) ID(29) Em(97) Clq(4) Eo(87) AP(78) Fev(58) Lks(69) WL(56) Anrx(53) Asth(67) Urt(37) Nau(31)
1983 Andrada et al. [90] 5 F(5) Cat(5) Surg(4) NI(5) Em(5) Eo(3) AP(5) Urt(1) Ic(2) Lith(2)
1983 Giffoniello et al. [78] 2 F(1) M(1) Cba(2) Es(1) Surg(1) NI(1) Em(2) Eo(2) AP(2) Fev(2) WL(1) Asth(1) Lith(1) Vo(1) HA(1)
1985 Miguel et al. [97] 5 NS(5) BA(3) Mza(1) For(1) Es(5) Em(5) Eo(1) AP(5) Lks(4) Ic(2)
1989 Siciliano et al [42] 15(fo2) F(9) M(5) NS(1) Cba(15) Ec(12) Es(1) Surg(2) Em(15) Eo(14) AP(15) Fev(15) Lks(10) Urt(8) Ic(2)
1991 Melero et al. [88] 1 M(1) SL(1) Es(1) NI(1) Tcl(1) Eo(1) AP(1) Fev(1) Lks(1) WL(1)
1995 Minoprio et al. [51] 5(fo1) F(3) M(2) Mza(5) Ect(1) CE(4) NI(3) Tcl(5) Pzq(1) Eo(3) AP(2) Fev(2) Lks(1) Asth(2) Urt(3) Ic(1)
2000 Ale et al. [115] 1 F(1) SL(1) Ec(1) NS(1) Eo(1) Lks(1)
2005 Carnevale (in Rubel et al. 2005) [61] 4 NS(4) SL(4) Ser(4) NS(4) NS(4)
2005 Rubel et al. [61] 1 F(1) Neu(1) Ser(1) Tcl(1) Eo(1) AP(1) Fev(1) Lks(1)
Lloret et al.
Salomon et al.
5(fo1) M(5) Mza(5) Ec(2) Es(1) Ser(2) CE(2) Tcl(5) Eo(5) AP(5) Lks(5) WL(2) Fev(5) Dia(2) Urt(3)
2006 Corti et al. [85] 1 F(1) Cba(1) Ser(1) NI(1) Tcl(1) Eo(1) Fev(1)
2008 Rios et al. [62] 1 M(1) Neu(1) Ec(1) Ser(1) Alb(1) Eo(1) AP(1) Fev(1) Lks(1) Asth(1) Urt(1)
2008 Nieto Sosa et al. [47] 23(fo2) NS(23) Cba(8) SL(15) Ec(23) Ser(9) Em(15) Tcl(8) Eo(23) AP(23) Fev(23) Lks(23)
2009 Malandrini et al. [43] 54 F(37) M(17) Cat(54) Ser(54) NS(54) NS(54)
2009 Malandrini et al. [53] 10 NS(10) Cat(10) Ser(10) NS(10) NS(10)
  1. Abbreviations: F: female; M: male; NS: not specified; Fo: family/group outbreaks.
  2. Provinces: BA: Buenos Aires; BAcity: Buenos Aires city; Cat: Catamarca; Cha: Chaco; Cba: Córdoba; For: Formosa; Ju: Jujuy; Mza: Mendoza; Neu: Neuquén; Sal: Salta; SL: San Luís; SFe: Santa Fé; Tuc: Tucumán.
  3. Treatment: Em: emetine; Tcl: triclabendazole; Alb: albendazole; MFE: male fern extract; Pzq: praziquantel; Clq: Cloroquine.
  4. Diagnostic Method: Ec: egg observation in coprological sample; Es: egg observation in sample obtained by sondage; ID: intradermal test; Surg: surgical; CE: clinical/epidemiological; Ect: ectopic presentation; NI: non invasive image-based diagnosis; Ser: serology.
  5. Clinical Data: AP: abdominal pain; Anrx: anorexia; Asth: asthenia; Cst: Constipation; Dia: diarrhea; Eo: eosinophilia; Fev: fever; HA: headache; Ic: ictericia; Lks: leucocitosis; Lith: lithiasis; Nau: nausea; Urt: urticaria; Vo: vomiting; WL: weight loss.
  6. Note: number of cases noted in parenthesis