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Table 2 Summary of the MS identification experiments performed on the 290 kDa proteins from the studied ticks.

From: Fibrinogen-related proteins in ixodid ticks

  Number of repetitions Amino Acid sequence coverage
D. marginatus 5 10.2%
R. appendiculatus 3 13.4%
R. pulchellus 3 4.2%
R. sanguineus 3 20.8%
  1. Number of MS experiments performed for identification of each of the 290 kDa proteins from the ticks D. marginatus, R. appendiculatus, R. pulchellus, and R. sanguineus. All the proteins were identified as hemelipoglycoprotein (D. variabilis hemelipoglycoprotein GenBank:ABD83654) and the amino acid sequence coverage is indicated for each protein.