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Figure 2

From: Generation, analysis and functional annotation of expressed sequence tags from the ectoparasitic mite Psoroptes ovis

Figure 2

Graphical representation of the P. ovis EST metabolome derived from amalgamated KEGG pathways. Mapping of peptides predicted from the P. ovis EST dataset to known metabolic pathways from the KEGG database. Nodes (circles) represent compounds and edges (lines) represent enzymatic reactions. Distinct metabolic pathways are denoted by a colour-coding scheme, i.e. Amino acid metabolism (light orange and marked A on the pathway map) and Lipid Metabolism (Teal and marked B). Sub-pathways follow the same colour-coding scheme, i.e. Fatty acid biosynthesis (Teal and marked B1). Specific enzymes identified within the P. ovis EST dataset can be observed where an edge is coloured differently from that of the background metabolic pathway, i.e. Enzyme: which is a DNA-directed RNA polymerase and catalyses the 3' extension of RNA (represented by the blue line marked C1 within the Nucleotide metabolism pathway (coloured red by default and marked C on the pathway map). For ease of interpretation a zoomable reference pathway map is available using the free software package Pathway Projector at the following website which allows further investigation of individual enzyme reactions:

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