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Table 2 Examples of up regulated expressed genes in schistosomula from Wistar rat normalized with genes in those from BALB/c mouse

From: Differential gene expression in Schistosoma japonicum schistosomula from Wistar rats and BALB/c mice

Systematic Name Gene ID Protein Homology Fold Change
Contig03467 SJCHGC04932 Arginine kinase 2.05
Contig03162 SJCHGC04610 Regulating synaptic membrane exocytosis protein 2 2.28
Contig11651 SJCHGC13643 Tropomyosin 2.67
Contig11722 SJCHGC13718 Cyanobacterial phytochrome B 2.85
Contig10544 SJCHGC12455 Acetyl-CoA carboxylase 1 4.05
Contig01312 SJCHGC02645 Omega-3 fatty acid desaturase 4.76
Contig05321 SJCHGC06882 Outer membrane protein omp85 4.85
Contig00754 SJCHGC02003 Anaerobic nitric oxide reductase transcription regulator 4.98
Contig12392 SJCHGC14422 Cell surface receptor daf-4 5.03
Contig08614 SJCHGC10393 Splenin 5.30
Contig01305 SJCHGC02637 Dynein heavy chain 7.20
Contig02423 SJCHGC03839 Transforming growth factor beta-1 10.08
Contig11158 SJCHGC13108 Chaperone protein htpG 11.69
Contig00449 SJCHGC01393 Protein TAR1 27.13
Contig00716 SJCHGC01953 Pericentriolar material 1 60.36
  1. A full list of genes, including systematic name, annotation microarray and protein homology, up regulated expressed genes in schistosomula from Wistar rat are presented in Supplementary Table 1. 2 Fold change refers to expression relative to those from BALB/c mice.