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Table 1 Percentage knockdown (KD) and mortality at 24 hours post-exposure of wild populations and laboratory strain of the three mosquito species tested

From: Durability associated efficacy of long-lasting insecticidal nets after five years of household use

Permanent® 2.0 An. arabiensis wild population Cx. quinquefasciatus wild population An. gambiae s.s insectary population
  %KD (95%CI) %Mortality(95%CI) %KD(95%CI) %Mortality(95%CI) %KD(95%CI) %Mortality(95%CI)
New net 66a(52.9-79.1) 46ac(32.2-59.8) 91a(83.1-98.9) 81a(70.1-91.9) 100a(100-100) 100a(100-100)
Old net 1 60a(46.4-73.6) 58bc(44.3-71.7) 73bc(.60.7-85.3) 62b(48.5-75.4) 100a(100-100) 30b(21.2-39.8)
Old net 2 60a(46.4-73.6) 49cd(35.1-62.7) 62cde(48.5-75.4) 58b(44.3-71.7) 100a(100-100) 47cd(32.4-51.3)
Old net 3 58a(44.3-71.7) 71b(58.4-83.6) 75df(62.9-87) 49b(35.1-62.9) 100a(100-100) 33b(19.3-43.7)
Old net 4 54a(.40.2-67.8) 49ade(35.1-.62.9) 38b(24.5-51.4) 44b(30.2-57.8) 100a(100-100) 50ade(41.3-58.8)
Old net 5 87b(77.7-96.3) 75bf(.62.9-87.0) 60bef(56.4-73.6) 54b(40.2-67.8) 100a(100-100) 33b(19.7-45.2)
Old net 6 54a(40.2-67.8) 83bf(72.6-93.4) 66ef(52.9-79.1) 56b(42.2-69.8) 100a(100-100) 33a(23.1-39.4)
Old net 7 60a(46.4-73.6) 73ef(60.7-85.3) 49be(35.1-62.9) 44b(30.2-57.8 100a(100-100) 53be(41.8-61.9)
  1. *Number in the same row sharing the same superscript letter have no significant differences from each other (P > 0.05)