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Table 1 Nucleotide differences of Anaplasma phagocytophilum in the amplified partial genes.

From: Genetic variants of Anaplasma phagocytophilum from 14 equine granulocytic anaplasmosis cases

Gene variante Nucleotide positionh             
   76 77 84 125 222 376        
16S rRNA a A A A G G A A        
  B A A G G A G        
  D G A A A G G        
  S A G G G A G        
  X f G A A G A G        
  Y g G A G G A G        
   660 840 933 1013          
groEL b a C C C A          
  b T C C A          
  r C T C A          
  l C T T G          
   158 136 277 288 376 393 917 927 939 943 966   
Msp2 c I G A A G A T A A G T G   
  II G G A G A T A A G T G   
  III G G A G A T G G T G A   
  IV A G G A G G G G T G A   
   375 390 405 411 423 427 507 510 516 588 618 672 678
Msp4d c T A C A G G C T C T A A C
  d C G T G G A C T C T C A C
  s C G T G A G T C T C C G T
  1. Anaplasma phagocytophilum HZ complete genome [NC_007797] was used as reference strain: Nucleotide positions indicate the relative position to the genes:
  2. a 1,433 bp of rrsA 16S ribosomal RNA [Gene ID: 3930754],
  3. b 1,653 bp of groEL chaperonin GroEL [Gene ID: 3930333],
  4. c 1,098 bp of APH_1361 major surface protein 2 [Gene ID: 3930122] and
  5. d 849 bp of msp4 major surface protein 4 [Gene ID: 3930710]
  6. e Not official nomenclature: It has been used in the same manner in another publication (7), the letters here correspond to the ones from that publication. 16S rRNA gene types are shown in upper case letters; groEL gene types in lower case letters; msp4 gene types in lower case letters in italics; msp2 gene types in Roman numbers.
  7. f GenBank: [FJ812403]
  8. g GenBank: [FJ812406]
  9. h non-synonymous substitutions are highlighted in bold.