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Table 2 Details of the horses included in this study and the respective partial genes of Anaplasma phagocytophilum that were detected in them.

From: Genetic variants of Anaplasma phagocytophilum from 14 equine granulocytic anaplasmosis cases

     Gene variantsc    
Breed Age a Sex b Month and year of diagnosis 16S rRNA groEL Msp2 Msp4
Pony 20 Mc Jul 2007 B b I c
Hanoverenian n. k. F Oct 2007 B b I c
Warmblood 6 Mc Apr 2004 B b I c
Standardbred 8 Mc Jul 2004 B b I c
Hanoverenian 13 F May 2006 B b II c
Westphalian Warmblood 11 Mc Oct 2007 B b II c
Pony 19 Mc May 2008 B b II c
English Thoroughbred 15 F Jun 2008 B b II c
Icelandic horse 9 Mc Jun 2009 B b II c
Friesian 12 M Jun 2009 B b II c
Quarter horse n. k. Mc Jun 2009 B b II c
Warmblood 9 Mc Aug 2008 A a III c
English Thoroughbred 11 Mc May 2005 D r IV d
Warmblood 13 Mc Jun 2007 S l III s
  1. a age in years at the time of diagnosis; n. k., not known
  2. bF, female; M, male; Mc, male castrated
  3. c See Table 1