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Table 2 Different tick-borne microorganisms found in ticks collected from humans.

From: Small risk of developing symptomatic tick-borne diseases following a tick bite in the Netherlands

Species positive ticks
Borrelia burgdorferi s.l. 47/297
   B. afzelii 33
   B. garinii 6
   B. valaisiana 1
   undetermined 7
Rickettsia spp.* 55/297
   R. helvetica 40
   R. monacensis 11
   undetermined 5
Ehrlichia/Anaplasma spp. 33/289
   Ehrlichia sp. schotti variant 31
   A. phagocytophilum 1
   undetermined 1
Babesia spp. 28/297
   B. microti 27
   undetermined 1
  1. Microorganisms in tick lysates were detected and identified by PCR followed by RLB.
  2. *one tick had a double infection with R. helvetica and R. monacensis