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Table 1 Chronological list of historical studies and reports of W.bancrofti prevalence and disease cases

From: Lymphatic filariasis in the Democratic Republic of Congo; micro-stratification overlap mapping (MOM) as a prerequisite for control and surveillance

Time Province Region/location Prevalence/cases Notes Reference(s)
1900s Bas Congo Boma 1 case Filaria nocturna (W. bancrofti) found in night blood from a boy Van Campenhout and Dreypondt 1901 [39]
1930s Oriental Uele Cases Elephantiasis and hydrocele s - no W. bancrofti microfilaria detected Van den Berghe 1941 [42]
  Bas Congo Matadi Thysville and Luozi Kinshasa environs (Leopoldville) 12-36% 2-8% 0.1% 42 cases from villages around mouth/lower Congo River 1-4 cases from villages northward from mouth of Congo River 1 case from 1101 individuals examined from villages in region Henrard et al. 1946 [44]
   Kinshasa Matadi 0.8% 3% 14 cases from 1824 hospital patients screened for infection 47 cases from 1500 hospital patients, villages close to Angola border Hernard et al. 1946 [44]
  Bandundu Idiofa Bandundu (Banningville) 3- 16% 3-31% 14 cases from villages along Kasai River 11 cases, most from villages along Kwango River Henrard et al. 1946 [44]
  Équateur Mbandaka (Coquilhatville) 1-3% 3-4 cases, all considered to be from external endemic areas Henrard et al. 1946 [44].
1940s Bandundu Kwango River Kwilu River Inzia, Kasai and Wamba Rivers 20% 12% 2.4 - 3.4% Overall villages on rivers had higher mf (12.8%) rates compared with villages more than 2 km away (1.5%). Villages along the Kwango river had the highest rates. Fain 1947 [47]
  Bandundu Kwango River Cases Clinical case examination of patients from villages along river Fain 1951 [49]
  Équateur Mbandaka (Coquilhatville) 4.8% 249 prisoners examined, cases likely from external endemic areas Chardome & Peel 1949 [43]
  Orientale Yahuma, Basoko District 46% 25 cases from 54 adult males examined in villages south of Yahuma Bellefontaine 1949 [51]
1950s Bandundu Kasongo Lunda 12 cases Typical signs detected in patients during 188 hernia operations Van Oye and Pierquin 1961 [38]
  Équateur Bumba, Banzyville, Gemena, Ikela   Reported to be widespread in northern region of province Van Oye and Pierquin 1960 [37]
1960s Oriental Lomami 63-67% adults 9% in youths, 4% children, cases found in villages along Congo River. Hydrocele in 20% of adult males, low prevalence of elephantiasis Browne 1960 [50]
  Kasia, Oriental Not specified - Disease widespread, most cases reported from Kasai and Oriental Dept of Health 1965
  Équateur Tshuapa (Cuvette Central) 0.6% 4 cases from villages on Maringa River and Lomela River, most villages examined in region were free from disease Fain et a.l. 1969 [45]
1970s Bas Congo Kimbanza, Mayubu region 32% 18 cases from 56 people in one village close to lower Congo River, all other villages in region free of disease. Fain et al. 1974 [48]