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Figure 2

From: Identification and characterization of six novel tetraspanins from Schistosoma japonicum

Figure 2

Characteristic motifs and phylogenetic analysis of the six TSP proteins. A: The domains of the TSP proteins were predicted by using CD-Search software. Heavy grey is a higher specific hit while bright grey is that they all contain a tetraspanin-like superfamily domain. B: Homologue phylogenetic tree of sequences from S. mansoni and Sj-TSP-#1~6 (in marked frame) created with the use of MEGA4. These sequences could be subdivided into three major monophyletic subfamilies (the CD family, the CD63 family and the Uroplakin family). Accession number of these sequences: cd151-related [Genbank: XP_002582093.1], Tetraspanin-1 (Tspan-1) [Genbank: XP_002577444.1], tetraspanin family protein 16 invertebrate [Genbank: XP_002573925.1], tetraspanin-CD63 receptor [Genbank: XP_002574749.1], tetraspanin D76 [Genbank: XP_002575497.1], transmembrane 4 superfamily member [Genbank: XP_002579012.1], SjTE736 [Genbank: AAC69992.1], SjTSP2 [Genbank: AEG74364.1], Sj25 [Genbank: AAB88626.1], Sj23 [Genbank: AAA29920.1], Sm23 [Genbank: P19331.1], SmTSP1 [Genbank: AAN17278], SmTSP2 [Genbank: AAN17276.1].

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