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Table 2 Location of the An. nili microsatellite markers on polytene chromosomes.

From: Improving the population genetics toolbox for the study of the African malaria vector Anopheles nili: microsatellite mapping to chromosomes

  Locus Accession number a (with length) Location on the An. nili map Location on the An. gambiae map Best e-value for BLASTN
1. A14 AJ536274 (467 bp) X: 2A X: 3D 3e-08
2. 1G13 AJ536271 (441 bp) X: 3A - -
3. 1A27 AJ536268 (300 bp) 2R: 15C - -
4. 2C157 AJ536273 (404 bp) JF742788 (2,967 bp) 2R: 17AB 2R: 10A 7e-04
5. 1F43 AJ536270 (462 bp) 2R: 18A - -
6. F41 AJ536277 (423 bp) 2R: unknown b 2R: 16D 2e-27
7. 2Ateta AJ536272 (479 bp) 2L: 20C 3L: 45A 3e-17
8. F56 AJ536278 (474 bp) 3R: 31C - -
9. A154 JF742789 (1,522 bp) 3R: unknown b 3R: 30E 6e-43
10. B115 AJ536276 (350 bp) JF742787 (10,057 bp) 3L: 38B 2L: 20D 3e-24
11. 1D80 AJ536269 (483 bp) 3L: 44A - -
  1. a AJ refers to clone sequences; JF refers to assembled sequences.
  2. b Arms determined based on the chromosome homology established earlier [19].
  3. "-" no homologous sequence found in the An. gambiae genome using BLASTN.