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Table 3 Amino acid variations of Pvs25 among worldwide isolates

From: Genetic diversity of transmission-blocking vaccine candidates Pvs25 and Pvs28 in Plasmodium vivax isolates from Yunnan Province, China

  SS EGF-1 EGF-2 EGF-3 EGF-4 THR  
Country 2 35 38 87 97 130 131 132 137 138 149 170 174 183 196 198 199 Ref.
Sal-I N L M Q E I Q S C A K C E E S S V AAC99769
Iran Q/K E/Q T [24]
Mexico Q/K I/T [31]
Brazil K [23]
Colombia K [23]
Venezuela T K [23]
Mauritania K T [23]
Turkey K T ABG29073
PNG T K R N [23]
Nicaragua R [23]
India Q T [25]
India E/Q T Q/K C/W A/G E/K E/K S/F S/T V/E [26]
Bangladesh E/Q T Q/K [25]
Vietnam T ABG29072
Indonesia Q T [23]
Thailand E/Q T Q/K [15]
N Korea T [23]
S Korea N/D E/Q T [22]
China (ZJ/HB) E/Q T [32]
China (YN) L/M E/Q T Q/K This study
  1. SS, secretary signal sequence; EGF, EGF-like domain; THR, the C terminal hydrophobic region. Ref: references. ZJ/HB and YN represented isolates from Zhejiang/Hubei and Yunnan Provinces in China, respectively. • indicates identical amino acid residues compared to the Salvador I strain.