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Table 1 Collection information of Culex pipiens pallens sampled in China.

From: Correlation between carboxylesterase alleles and insecticide resistance in Culex pipiens complex from China

Province Locality (latitude, longitude) Code Date Type of sites
Henan Weihe (35°02' N, 113°8' E) WHE 15/07/2010 sewage tank
  Yuanyang (35°02' N, 113°58' E) YUY 14/07/2010 cesspool
Shandong Taian (35°38' N, 116°2' E) TAA 24/07/2010 puddle
Beijing Beijing (39°54' N, 116°28' E) BJI 29/07/2010 sewage
Liaoning Pulandian (39°23' N, 121°58' E) LPU 20/07/2010 puddle