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Table 2 Percentage of habitats with malaria vector larvae within valley bottom and uphill locations in different valley shapes and different seasons

From: Topography as a modifier of breeding habitats and concurrent vulnerability to malaria risk in the western Kenya highlands

  Rainy season (2009) Dry season (2010)
Valley shape Valley bottom Uphill Valley bottom Uphill
U-shape 25.6 26.8 25.5a 21.5a
V-shape 28.7A 26.7A 15.9Bb 12.6Bb
  1. χ2-test at significant level of 5%. Different capital means; seasonal difference at same location within valley shape. i.e. a difference at the valley bottom between rainy and dry season in V-shape valleys. Different small letters; means difference within location between valley shapes in each season. i.e. a difference between U and V-shape at both valley bottom and uphill during the dry season.