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Table 1 Effect of prodigiosin, TTFA, and KCN on mitochondrial respiration.

From: Mitochondrial dysfunction in Trypanosoma cruzi: the role of Serratia marcescens prodigiosin in the alternative treatment of Chagas disease

  Oxygen uptake Oxygen uptake after succinate Oxygen uptake after duroquinol Oxygen uptake after TMPD/ascorbate
  nmol O 2 /min/mg protein nmol O 2 /min/mg protein nmol O 2 /min/mg protein nmol O 2 /min/mg protein
Control 13.88889 ___ ___ ___
Prodigiosin (5 mM) 2.46667 2.46667 6.53333 44.66667
TTFA (5 mM) 2.23333 ND ND ND
KCN (5 mM) 6.76722 ND ND ND
  1. Oxygen consumption was evaluated in control and treated parasites. In order to determine which complexes of the electron transport chain were involved in the abnormal respiration, we added electron donors for each one of the complexes. The untreated parasites showed a higher oxygen uptake with respect to prodigiosin TTFA- and KCN-treated parasites. However, when electron donors for complex II and III were added the oxygen uptake was increased.