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Figure 3

From: The prevalence of canine Leishmania infantum infection in western China detected by PCR and serological tests

Figure 3

Dendrogram based on sequence comparison of Leishmania spp. 116-bp fragment in the consverd region of Leishmania kDNA minicircles. The dendrogram was constructed using the UPGMA method. Bootstrap analysis was performed with 1000 replicates. Leishmania spp used in this tree and their GenBank accession numbers: L..infantum MCAN/CN/90/SC (SC, HQ585883); Three L. infantum isolates: MCAN/ES/97/LLM-32 (LLM-32, Z35500.1); Li-TK-91 (EU370899.1); AJS-D2PST, (Z35292.1); L. donovani (Ld-IN-34, EU370884.1), Leishmania major (Lm-FR-10, EU370900.1), Leishmania braziliensis (Lb-PR-62, EU370879.1), Leishmania amazonensis (Lam-331, EU370875), and Leishmania tropica (K27, Z32843.1).

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