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Figure 4

From: High quality RNA isolation from Aedes aegypti midguts using laser microdissection microscopy

Figure 4

Digital electrophoretic analysis of total RNA samples isolated from LMM-cut Ae. aegypti midgut tissues that were fixed with either Carnoy's or Bouin's fixative. Total RNA from Carnoy's-fixed Ae. aegypti midguts shows strong high molecular weight bands around 2,000 bases and less visible low molecular weight bands of about 100 bases. Carnoy's-fixed RNA looks comparable to the control RNA that was prepared from freshly snap-frozen midguts without fixation. By contrast, Bouin's-fixed samples display more extensive degradation as seen in accumulation of low molecular weight bands of about 100 bp and weaker 2,000-base bands. Each RNA sample was isolated from microdissected midgut tissues from 10 - 15 midgut sections. Tissues from freshly frozen midguts were processed the same way as fixed samples and used as controls.

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