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Figure 2

From: Multi-source analysis reveals latitudinal and altitudinal shifts in range of Ixodes ricinus at its northern distribution limit

Figure 2

The present distribution of Ixodes ricinus in Norway depicted by (a) the weighted mean obtained by the first principal component (PC1) of a PCA-analysis of four different sources (b-e). The distribution map displays tick abundance within municipalities with increasing darkness of colour. The inserted maps show: (b) the cumulative incidence of bovine babesiosis in the Norwegian Cattle Health Recording system in the period 1996-2008 (c) the cumulative incidence of human Lyme borreliosis in Norwegian Surveillance System for Communicable Diseases during the period 1991-2008 (with known place of infection) (d) the registration proportion of tick observations registered via the newspaper webpage during summer 2009 and (e) the frequency of tick observations from the veterinary survey performed in 2009 categorized as 0: never observed, 1: rarely observed (<3 tick observations during a year), 2: monthly observation, 3: weekly observation, 4: daily observation. Each of the variables is depicted on a municipal basis.

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