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Table 5 Current treatment protocols for canine leishmaniosis [27]

From: LeishVet guidelines for the practical management of canine leishmaniosis

Drugs Dosages Main side effects References
Meglumine antimoniate* 75-100 mg/kg once a day or 40-75 mg/kg twice a day for 4 weeks, S.C.** Potential nephrotoxicity
Cutaneous abscesses/cellulitis
[52, 55, 57, 8183]
Miltefosine* 2 mg/kg/once a day for 28 days P.O. Vomiting Diarrhea [8385]
Allopurinol 10 mg/kg twice a day for at least 6-12 months P.O. Xanthine urolithiasis [51, 59, 8689]
  1. *Registered for veterinary use in most European countries; both drugs are commonly recommended in combination with allopurinol.
  2. P.O.: per os; S.C.: subcutaneous
  3. **Treatment prolongation by 2-3 weeks may be considered if patient improvement is insufficient.