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Table 1 Data on the identification of the dogs (n = 9) and parasite counts

From: First report of canine ocular thelaziosis by Thelazia callipaeda in Portugal

Dogs Worms
Case Breed Gender Age (years) Municipality Habitat F:M (n)
1 Portuguese Podengo M 5 Chaves Out (A, C, Pr) 6:1
2 Crossbreed M 2 Chaves In/Out (A, V) 4:2
3 Transmontano Mastiff M 10 Bragança Out (ND) 22:3
4 Labrador Retriever M 2 Chaves In/Out (A, Pc, Pr) 3:1
5 Labrador Retriever M 3 Chaves In/Out (A, Pc, Pr) 4:0
6 Portuguese Podengo F 5 Vinhais Out (A, Pr) 3:0
7 Labrador Retriever F 10 Bragança Out (ND) 41:19
8 Transmontano Mastiff M 9 Chaves Out (ND) 51:25
9 Crossbreed F 3 Chaves Out (ND) 23:6
  1. A: apple trees; C: cherry trees; F: female; In: indoors; M: male; ND: not defined; Out: outdoors; Pc: peach trees; Pr: pear trees; V: vineyards.