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Table 1 Differential features of eggs of Trichuris vulpis , Capillaria aerophila and Capillaria boehmi

From: Mixed trichuroid infestation in a dog from Italy

Nematode Length μm Width μm Morphological features Plugs Shell Reference
Trichuris vulpis 72-94 31-42 lemon-like shape, brownish symmetrical presence of rings thick and smooth wall [1, 5]
Capillaria aerophila 60-65 25-40 barrel-like shape, zygote fills the egg asymmetrical no rings striated outer shell with a network of anastomosis ridges and bridges [4, 5]
Capillaria boehmi 50-60 30-35 barrel-like shape, clear to golden, space between the embryo and the wall asymmetrical no rings tiny pits on the surface of the wall [4, 10]