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Table 2 The 15 most abundant unique proteins in the Dirofilaria immitis secretome

From: First analysis of the secretome of the canine heartworm, Dirofilaria immitis

Abhydrolase domain containing isoform cra_a 12
Glutathione s-transferase 1 18
Elegans protein partially confirmed by transcript evidence 22
cre-pqn-85 protein 22
Nipped-b-like protein 22
Pdz domain containing protein 26
Jheh1 27
Alpha-actinin 30
Epoxide hydrolase 1 32
Protein dek isoform 1 35
Kh domain containing protein 37
Protein szt2 38
Hypothetical protein LOAG_04081 [Loa loa] 39
Elongation factor tu homologue precursor 40
Pan domain containing protein 44