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Figure 3

From: Participation of heparin binding proteins from the surface of Leishmania (Viannia) braziliensis promastigotes in the adhesion of parasites to Lutzomyia longipalpis cells (Lulo) in vitro

Figure 3

Quantification of promastigote adhesion to Lulo cells. Adhesion inhibition assays were performed using promastigotes without or with pre-incubation with increasing concentrations of heparan sulfate (A) were co-incubated (28°C) with Lulo cells monolayers. Likewise, Lulo cells monolayers without or with pre-incubation with different concentrations (10 μg and 20 μg) of HBP F f and HBP Mf, and 20 μg of BSA (control) were co-incubated with promastigotes (B). The coverslip containing cells and/or parasites samples were stained with Giemsa and the number of adhered promastigotes/100 cells was determined by light microscopy examining 300 cells per coverslip, in triplicate. Data are expressed as percentile values (%) and represent average and standard deviation of five independent experiments - (*), p < 0.05.

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