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Table 4 GO annotation summary by domain

From: Analysis of Babesia bovis infection-induced gene expression changes in larvae from the cattle tick, Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus

Cellular component (C)
GO ID Description Occurrences
GO:0016020 Membrane 52
GO:0005623 Cell 15
GO:0005576 Extracellular region 15
GO:0005622 Intracellular region 132
Molecular function (F)
GO ID Description Occurrences
GO:0003774 Motor activity 0
GO:0016874 Ligase activity 3
GO:0016829 Lyase activity 4
GO:0004871 Signal transducer activity 6
GO:0016491 Oxiodoreductase activity 24
GO:0016853 Isomerase activity 1
GO:0030234 Enzyme regulator activity 8
GO:0003824 Catalytic activity 36
GO:0005488 Binding 113
GO:0016740 Transferase activity 22
GO:0005198 Structural molecule activity 18
GO:0005215 Transporter activity 12
Biological process (P)
GO ID Description Occurrences
GO:0006944 Cellular membrane fusion 3
GO:0050896 Response to stimulus 18
GO:0007610 Behavior 0
GO:0006810 Transport 26
GO:0030154 Cell differentiation 17
GO:0008152 Metabolic process 87
GO:0050789 Regulation of biological process 52
GO:0043062 Extracellular structure organization 0
GO:0007275 Multicellular organismal development 23
GO:0009987 Cellular process 40
GO:0007154 Cell communication 3
GO:0008219 Cell death 3
GO:0006139 Nucleobase, nucleoside, nucleotide and nucleic acid metabolic process 49