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Table 5 Unigenes from subtracted library with BLAST database GO annotation of defense response (GO:0006952)

From: Analysis of Babesia bovis infection-induced gene expression changes in larvae from the cattle tick, Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus

Unigene #a Database BLASTX Annotation
   Protein Annotation Species Accession Number  e -Value
45 Uniref100 Salivary lipocalin Amblyomma variegatum DAA34698.1 2e-07
92 KEGG Toll-like receptor signaling pathway Ixodes scapularis XP002404081.1 5e-176
113 Uniref100 Interferon gamma-inducible protein Amblyomma americanum AAK82985.1 2e-92
402 Uniref100 Glycoprotein 3-alpha-l-fucosyltransferase A Ixodes scapularis XP002413615.1 3e-70
468 Uniref100 Putative defense protein precursor Bombyx mori NP001091819.1 2e-20
673 Uniref100 FYN binding protein Ixodes scapularis XP002412475.1 1e-22
  1. a Unigene identification number as listed in Additional file 1.