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Table 1 Genospecies and strains of Borrelia spirochetes used for analysis in this study

From: Prevalence and molecular identification of Borrelia spirochetes in Ixodes granulatus ticks collected from Rattus losea on Kinmen Island of Taiwan

Genospecies and strain Origin of Borrelia strain 5S (rrf)-23S (rrl) gene accession numbera
  Biological Geographic
Taiwan strains    
KC-44 Ixodes granulatus Kin-Cheng, Kinmen JF970243
KH-05 I. granulatus Kin-Hu, Kinmen JF970244
KH-13 I. granulatus Kin-Hu, Kinmen JF970245
KH-74 I. granulatus Kin-Hu, Kinmen JF970246
KN-11 I. granulatus Kin-Ning, Kinmen JF970247
KS-61 I. granulatus Kin-Sha, Kinmen JF970248
KS-62 I. granulatus Kin-Sha, Kinmen JF970249
KH-58 I. granulatus Kin-Hu, Kinmen JF970250
KC-14 I. granulatus Kin-Cheng, Kinmen JF970251
KC-49 I. granulatus Kin-Cheng, Kinmen JF970252
KH-70 I. granulatus Kin-Hu, Kinmen JF970253
KH-71 I. granulatus Kin-Hu, Kinmen JF970254
KS-18 I. granulatus Kin-Sha, Kinmen JF970255
B. valaisiana    
KS-39 I. granulatus Kin-Sha, Kinmen JF970256
VS116 I. ricinus Switzerland L30134
UK I. ricinus England L30133
QLZSP1 I. granulatus China EU247839
QTDM2 I. granulatus China EU429347
CKA2a Apodemus agrarius China AB022124
OG1/01 I. granulatus Japan AB091441
OG45/01 I. granulatus Japan AB091455
HN6 I. granulatus Korea AF058705
B. burgdorferi sensu stricto    
B31 I. scapularis USA L30127
JD1 I. scapularis USA AY032911
TWKM5 Rattus norvegicus Taiwan AY032908
B. garinii    
20047 I. ricinus France L30119
NP81 I. persulcatus Japan D84406
B. afzelii    
VS461 I. ricinus Switzerland L30135
PGau Human skin Germany DQ111066
B. bissettii    
DN127 I. pacificus USA L30126
CA376 Neotoma fuscipes USA AY177634
B. sinica    
CMN1a Niviventer sp. China AB022129
CMN3 Niviventer sp. China AB022131
  1. aGenBank accession numbers (JF970243 ~ JF970256) were submitted by this study.