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Figure 5

From: The development of Leishmania turanica in sand flies and competition with L. major

Figure 5

Development and localization of mixed Leishmania turanica and L. major infections in P. papatasi guts. L. turanica was transfected by GFP (B, D, F, H) while L. major was transfected by RFP (A, C, E, G). In the early stage of infection (2 DPI) parasites multiply in the bloodmeal in the abdominal midgut, AMG (A, B). After defecation (5 DPI) parasites reach the apical part of the AMG (arrow) (C, D), while colonization of the thoracic midgut (TMG) and stomodeal valve (SV) is typical for late infections (9 DPI) (E, F). On day 12 DPI, a heavy infection of the colonized SV (arrow) is prevalent (G, H).

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