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Figure 2

From: North American import? Charting the origins of an enigmatic Trypanosoma cruzi domestic genotype

Figure 2

Isolate grouping of 72 Trypanosoma cruzi I strains, as well as outgroups, based on nine concatenated maxicircle sequences. Bayesian consensus topology is displayed. Bayesian posterior probability analysis (BPP) was performed using MrBAYES v3.1. Five independent analyses were run using a random starting tree with three heated chains and one cold chain over 10 million generations with sampling every 10 simulations (25% burn-in). Decimal values (second number) on nodes indicate Bayesian probabilities for clusters. First number indicates the Maximum-Likelihood (ML) % bootstrap support for clade topologies, which was estimated following the generation of 1000 pseudo-replicate datasets. Branch colours indicate isolate origin. Isolates that show clear incongruity between nuclear genotype and maxicircle genotype are marked. Outgroup branches were cropped for ease of visualization, full branch lengths are show inset top right.

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