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Figure 3

From: North American import? Charting the origins of an enigmatic Trypanosoma cruzi domestic genotype

Figure 3

Isolate grouping of 72 Trypanosoma cruzi I strains based on nineteen nuclear micrsoatellite markers. Neighour-joining clustering algorithm implemented. Bootstrap values are included on important nodes. The first figure indicates % bootstrap support over 10,000 trees, the second the % stability over 1000 trees accounting for multi-allelic loci in the dataset. For further details see Llewellyn et al., 2009[13]. Branch colours indicate isolate origin. The three principal populations TcIDOM TcISOUTH and TcINORTH-CENT are shown on both map and tree. Red circles correspond to isolates from TcIDOM. Isolates that show clear incongruity between nuclear genotype and maxicircle genotype are marked with reference to Figure2.

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