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Figure 1

From: Spatio-temporal occurrence of Culicoides biting midges in the climatic regions of Switzerland, along with large scale species identification by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry

Figure 1

Seasonal dynamics of biting midges at six trapping sites. Data from the locations with high overall sampling reliability, i.e. at least 145 of the maximal 156 weekly catches available; see Table1: A) Commugny (altitude 420 m); B) Wädenswil (620 m); C) Mühlethurnen (670 m); D) Chateau d’Oex (940 m); E) Chaumont (1,110 m); F) Juf (2,130 m). The monthly averages of total number of collected Culicoides biting midges are shown by black (season 2008/2009), open (2009/2010) and grey (2010/2011) circles. Note the logarithmic scale.

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