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Table 4 Abundance of immature stages of common mosquito species in different microhabitats, in sylvatic arbovirus foci, in Kédougou from June – December 2010

From: Larval ecology of mosquitoes in sylvatic arbovirus foci in southeastern Senegal

Species Decaying fruit husks Fresh fruit husks Puddles Discarded containers Tree holes Bamboo holes Rock holes Tires Storage containers
Aedes aegypti 1.37a 0.2b 0.14b 0.77a,b 0.14b 0.88a,b 0.02c 0.6a,b 0.02c
Aedes furcifer   0.02b    0.13a     
Aedes longipalpis   0.005b 0.01a,b   0.14a     
Aedes luteocephalus 0.1a,b 0.05b 0.04b 0.03b 0.35a     
Aedes taylori   0.01b    0.3a     
Aedes unilineatus 0.23b 0.06b   0.006c 0.12a 0.09a,b 0.002c   
Aedes vittatus   0.014b 0.44a 0.05b 0.02b   0.11b   
Culex cinerus 0.05a,b 0.03b 0.06a,b 0.03b 0.16a     
Culex decens   0.005 0.07 0.02 0.02   0.04   
Culex nebulosus 0.1a 0.1a 0.15a 0.16a 0.19a   0.009b   
Culex perfuscus   0.005 0.15 0.04 0.05   0.03   
Culex tritaeniorhynchus 0.07a 0.009b 0.1a 0.2a 0.003b   0.006b   
Eretmapodites chrysogaster 2.1a 1.5a   0.04b 0.03b 0.06b 0.006c   
  1. Letters indicate the results of paired Mann–Whitney test when the Kruskal-Wallis test was found statistically significant or when only two habitats were being compared. Groups that do not share a letter are significantly different (P < 0.05).