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Table 5 Richness and dominance of mosquito species in different land covers and microhabitats, within foci of sylvatic arbovirus, in Kédougou from June – December 2010

From: Larval ecology of mosquitoes in sylvatic arbovirus foci in southeastern Senegal

Macrohabitat Richness Dominance Shannon diversity
Forest 31a 0.11c 2.52a
Savannah 21b 0.12b 2.36b
Barren 11b 0.37a 1.47c
Village 19b 0.34a 1.52c
Decaying fruit husks 9c 0.39b 1.21d
Fresh fruit husks 19b 0.4b 1.25d
Puddles 11c 0.31c 1.63b
Discarded containers 18b 0.33c 1.5c
Tree holes 28a 0.12d 2.42a
Bamboo holes 3d 0.82a 0.38e
Rock holes 15b 0.29c 1.67b
Tires 2d 0.92a 0.17e
Storage containers 1d 1a 0f
  1. Groups that do not share a letter are significantly different (Bootstrap; P < 0.05).