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Figure 4

From: Helminth communities from two urban rat populations in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Figure 4

Factors affecting prevalence of Hymenolepis diminuta. Variation between the two sites and across 3 seasonal cycles in R. norvegicus (A), in prevalence in the 3 age classes, two sites and two seasons, in R. norvegicus (B), in prevalence across the three seasonal cycles and in both sites in R.rattus (C) and in prevalence between age classes in both sites in R. rattus (D). See text for statistical significance of individual factors and interactions; for the fit of the overall minimal sufficient model incorporating both hosts χ2183 =93.8, P = 1.0; for that restricted to R. norvegicus χ2103 =70.9, P = 0.99, and for that restricted to R. rattus χ2108 =66.6, P = 0.99.

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