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Figure 2

From: Bartonella henselae bacteremia in a mother and son potentially associated with tick exposure

Figure 2

Photomicrographs captured using laser scanning confocal microscopy demonstrating immunoreactive B. henselae organisms in the striae skin biopsy obtained from the son’s thigh (right panel, small green particles). Left panel is scalp skin from a non-infected subject also immunostained with B. henselae antibody. No bacteria were visualized in control sections, although relatively large auto fluorescent red blood cells are partially visible (pseudo-colored green). Both samples also stained with collagen IV to highlight immunoreactive vascular tissue (pseudo-colored red). Note bacteria within skin appear external to vascular tissues. Images are projections of 31, 0.48-micron thick optical sections, total thickness 15 microns. Scale bar = 10 microns.

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