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Table 4 Bioefficacy in wireball assays (mean % 30-minute knockdown) of WHO-recommended LLINs against field-derived An. gambiae populations from four sites in Uganda and a susceptible laboratory An. gambiae s.s. strain (Kisumu)

From: Bioefficacy of long-lasting insecticidal nets against pyrethroid-resistant populations of Anopheles gambiae s.s. from different malaria transmission zones in Uganda

  Net type P-value
Mosquito population Olyset Interceptor NetProtect PermaNet 2.0 PermaNet 3.0 Untreated control  
Kanungu 42.4C 45.5C 47.7C 63.6B 76.5A 0.0D <0.0001
Lira 67.4C 76.5B,C 83.3A,B 70.5C 86.4A 0.0D <0.0001
Tororo 76.5A,B 76.5A,B 83.3A 70.5B 86.4A nt 0.0241
Wakiso 75.8B 41.7D 65.9C 81.8B 91.7A 0.0E <0.0001
Kisumu 84.9B 86.4B 84.9B 90.2A,B 93.3A 0.0C <0.0001
  1. Same letter in rows indicates no significant difference (via Duncan’s multiple comparison procedure at P < 0.05).
  2. nt: not tested due to limited numbers of mosquitoes available.