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Table 1 Interpretation of model (1.1) from Barbour (1996)[41]

From: Field transmission intensity of Schistosoma japonicum measured by basic reproduction ratio from modified Barbour’s model

Code Model
(1.1) dP dt = aΔy 1 - P - gP , dy dt = b Σ Δ P ( 1 - y ) - μ y ,
The dynamics of schistosome transmission is represented by this set of coupled differential equations
Parameters Interpretation
P the prevalence of infection in the definitive host population
y the proportion of infected snails
a the rate of incidence for a single definitive host at unit density of infected snails
b the rate at which an infected definitive host causes snail infections
g the recovery rate for definitive host infections
the density of snails
Σ the density of definitive hosts
μ per capita death rate of infected snails