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Table 1 Search strategy identification of for soil-transmitted helminth infection prevalence survey data in Bolivia

From: Modelling the geographical distribution of soil-transmitted helminth infections in Bolivia

Keywords Exclusion criteria Quality control measures
Bolivi* AND helminth* (OR ascari*, OR trichur*, OR hookworm, OR necator, OR ankylostom*,OR ancylostom*,OR strongy*, OR hymenolepis*, OR toxocara*, OR enterobius*, OR geohelminth*, OR nematode) Hospital-based study; case-control study (except control group); clinical trials (except baseline); drug-efficacy study (except placebo group); displaced population (travellers, military, expatriates, nomads); population treated for the infection during the past year; unclear location of the survey; sample size <10 Double check of each entry; search and elimination of duplicates; recalculation of prevalence; verification in Google Maps that point level coordinates correspond to human settlement