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Table 2 Three-dimensional structures of tissue inhibitors of metalloproteases (TIMPs) and their complexes available in the Protein Data Bank (PDB;) as of Nov 2012

From: TIMPs of parasitic helminths – a large-scale analysis of high-throughput sequence datasets

Protein(s) PDB accession code
N-TIMP-1 1d2b
MMP1:TIMP-1 2j0t
MMP3:TIMP-1 1uea
MMP3:N-TIMP-1 1oo9
MMP10:TIMP-1 3v96
MMP14:TIMP-1 3ma2
TIMP-2 1br9
N-TIMP-2 2tmp
pro-MMP2:TIMP-2 1gxd
MMP13:TIMP-2 2e2d
MMP14:TIMP-2 1bqq
MMP14:TIMP-2 1buv
TACE:N-TIMP-3 3cki